Posted by: southernbelizeexpertise | July 12, 2011

House hunting…

in southern Belize.  Well, in fact most people do not look for houses but for land on which to build and the rain over the past few days reminded me of our own experiences looking for a place to build our lodge.

I am not in the real estate business and have no aspirations in that direction so do not have much advice to offer apart from the following:

1. “Caveat emptor”,

2. Do check the person you are buying from owns the land. I know, it shouldn’t need saying but… And finally…

3. It is a pretty good idea to do your searching during the rainy season. That way you will have the chance to see how the land drains, whether it floods and if so how badly and how often.

Our last flood worthy of the name was back in 2005 so they are not necessarily an annual event.

We generally do not follow the weather much since it will happen anyway and will rarely spoil your fun.  On the other hand, if you are planning boat trips then weather forecasts become quite crucial. If you need to check ahead then the Accuweather site and Weather Underground  provide the most reliable forecasting service although the Weather Underground uses Puerto Barrios so it is about thirty-five miles south east of our location.



  1. Living in the Moho watershed and subject to annual inundation, The Belize Weather Bureau has played a very important part in our local rainfall assessment at Ixchel Ha. The internet and especially the 250km Doppler Radar image The doppler system, located at Belize City International airport, is updated hourly, all most real time, has been crucial in gauging when major rains are expected.
    In respect to all other advice worthy of note.

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