Posted by: southernbelizeexpertise | September 27, 2011

The Toledo Howler

This blog has fallen silent for the past few weeks.  Marta and I were working on producing the next edition of The Toledo Howler.  This is a publication that we produce four times a year on behalf of the local chapter of the Belize tourism Industry Association. Howler 5.1 final web  Its aim is “to promote the development of tourism in Toledo.  It  showcases destinations, activities, tour operators, transport services, accommodation, restaurants, craftspeople and other businesses directly or indirectly benefiting from visitors to Toledo.” It is all about getting people to Toledo and does not have any real “community” function. Because there are three months between each edition this is a role it could not realistically perform.  It is also about getting as many copies out of Toledo district as we can, so that we are not talking to ourselves but the world outside. We produce 4000 copies and spread them around Belize and get as many electronnic copies out also.

If there is any reader of the blog who would like to subscribe to receive a pdf of the Howler then send your e-mail address to and we will add you to the distribution list.

Enjoy the Howler and I hope to post more regularly in future. The picture below was taken when I was interviewing the women for an article about their new tourism venture.

Yum Kax women's group in Indian Creek village.

Yum Kax women's group in Indian Creek village.


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