Posted by: southernbelizeexpertise | November 11, 2011

Zipline comes to Big Falls

zipline in Big Falls, Belize

Carlos Chiac glides towards the landing platform

Staff at the Lodge at Big Falls had the opportunity last week to test out the new zipline that has been constructed along the banks of the Rio Grande just east of the bridge in the village. The zipline at present has four sections that run in a loop crossing the river twice at a height of about 60 feet above the ground.  At one point the zipline lands on the ground, at another guests launch themselves from a platform constructed high up in a tree.

Zipline in Big Falls, Belize

Eduardo Cal lands safely

The zipline was the brainchild of Andrew Caliz and David Franco who were both born and bred here in Big Falls and adds an extra dimension to the adventure options for visitors and locals here in Toledo. This new zipline is the third in Belize coming after the ziplines at Jaguar Paw and Calico Jack’s in Cayo district.

I had to overcome my lifelong fear of heights and just about managed. It was a grey and drizzly day and the camera around my neck felt more like a millstone. Will I do it again? Probably, but next time unencumbered by extra equipment. It did feel safe and with two cables (one is for insurance) and three carabiners attaching to the trolleys that whisk you along the cables there was no chance I was going to take the quick way down. The safety briefing was clear and all the staff there are taking great care to reassure any nervous aerial travellers. Two more runs are planned, also crossing the river and including a practice run for those who may not fancy the full experience.

Call + (501) 634-6979 and ask for Andrew to make your own arrangements to visit and join the birds above Big Falls.

zipline in Big Falls, Belize

Martina Coy flies free above big Falls


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