This blog is authored by Rob and Marta Hirons, the owners of The Lodge at Big Falls. We came to Belize from the UK in 2001 just after hurricane  Iris had passed through the area devastating all in its path. The lodge opened sixteen months later in March 2003 and now has eight rooms set in the grounds overlooking the Rio Grande.

We knew when we arrived in Belize that we would have to market and promote Toledo district as much as ourselves and give people reasons to come and visit.  Toledo is an emerging destination that will suit all those travellers searching for “the road less travelled” where authentic cultural experiences are still possible with English-speaking Mayan hosts.

We have written and produced the Toledo Howler four times a year since 2007 on behalf of the local Belize Tourism Industry Association chapter. You can find archived copies of The Howler on our web site at http://www.thelodgeatbigfalls.com and sign up there to receive an electronic copy of each new edition.

SouthernBelizeExpertise will bring you more stories about Toledo and even a few opinions when the urge is upon us.  Sign up for e-mail notifications of blog updates and tell your travelling friends about Toledo.



  1. Great blog.
    However, the “About Page” is consider important.
    This link is an excellent resource.
    About guidance
    Offered with respect.
    All the best J

    • Thanks Jonathan,
      It has taken me a while to find my around this site but your point was well-made and appreciated and I have fixed it now. Hope that you are both dry down there on the banks of the Moho; our river is rising as we expect at this time but holding the water well so far. Cheers, Rob.

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